About Mamakind

Mamakind offers group exercise classes for mums. Exercises are tailored to suit clients’ abilities and fitness level, and options are always available for those clients with injuries or who have had a baby recently (GP sign-off required). Mamakind provides a welcoming and supportive environment where you can

  • meet like-minded mums
  • improve body awareness and self-confidence
  • increase energy levels
  • increase strength and fitness
  • increase balance and flexibility
  • participate in exercises that are appropriate after pregnancy
  • increase pelvic floor strength

It’s an opportunity to get some head space and focus on yourself. Currently I run a low impact Mama class¬†with Mama Yoga on the way.

Booking is essential. Please email sam.mamakind@gmail.com to book.

Your trainer

I have nine years experience working across a range of exercise situations with clients whose goals and abilities vary greatly.  As someone who has always engaged in sport and high intensity exercise I had no real concept of the havoc pregnancy wreaks on your body until I became a mum myself. I found my return to exercise more difficult than I had imagined, particularly on my mental state and so my desire behind mamakind is to help mums (new or not) to feel confident and capable in exercise, ready to take on new and bigger challenges. To me there is nothing like the internal feedback you get from a body that is fit and able. CLICK HERE for a list of qualifications and experience.