Hello! And a very warm welcome to Mama Kind & Mama Meets.

I'm Carol, founder and creator, passionate about linking mums, facilitating friendships and supporting other local creatives in the South Hams, Devon.

My story began after the birth of our second son during March 2021, the final month of the UK lockdown. After spending almost a year indoors with my other son and welcoming in a newborn, I soon realised how difficult it was to reintegrate into social situations and make friends with other new mums. 

From teaching mama and baby yoga and hosting small coffee dates after, the idea for Mama Meets was born. An inclusive, safe and welcoming space for all mums once and month, to make friends, support each other and eat delicious food at different, cosy venues.

Along with linking up mamas , I also reached out to local mum led businesses with a view to showcase products and services at events. Each meet up has been an opportunity to show off what our part of the country has to offer whether it be handmade clothing, pre loved knits or macrame. 

Now going into our third year of business i'm delighted to introduce you to, Mama Kind - a curated collection of some of my favourite items from our best selling, mum led businesses, all of which have been a popular addition to our meet ups. 

I really hope you love the selection as much as I do.

See you online or at a meet up soon! x

Our Talented Photographer

I'm so proud to work with our amazing photographer, Jasmine Pillar.

I met Jasmine through social media whilst seeking out local female photographers to capture the meet ups, and her attention to detail and warm personality drew me to her immediately.

Jasmine runs regular mum and baby photo booths at events - a clever and very cost effective way of getting beautiful imagery of you and your baby, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional family photo shoot.

You'll also see Jasmine at meet ups, capturing the sweetest moments between the babies and mamas alike.

Keep an eye out for her and her ever popular booth, at a meet up soon.

Our Sensory Play Expert

Im so delighted to partner with our amazing Sensory Play and Child Development Expert.

Nikita Dixon has been working with children from birth to 11 for the last 12 years and enjoys supporting families in a range of topics including child development, using stories to enhance learning, gentle sleep, story massage and feeding to name a few. She is also the founder of award-winning franchise Story Sense, providing unique classes for parents and their little ones from birth to five. 

She will be on hand to answer any questions and provide exciting and engaging play setups.