I am currently working with other independent wellbeing professionals in the TW area to deliver small capacity events on anything to do with wellbeing. Our next event is called HEAL – Addressing Stress, and will take place on 12th May in Twickenham. This event is now sold out but you can see below a list of speakers and topics covered. Future events will be advertised here and on social media channels but you can also sign up to receive early bird notification of forthcoming events. CLICK HERE to sign up.

Bernadette Dancy PhD is a Health and Exercise Coach

  • Why we get stressed
  • The difference between acute and chronic stress
  • How to recognise symptoms of Burnout
  • How to prevent chronic stress becoming ‘burnout’
  • How to manage stress using lifestyle behaviour changes

Helen Barnshaw is qualified in Western Naturopathic Nutrition

  • Adaptogens: what they are, what do they do and where to get them
  • Nutrients that support Serotonin and energy production
  • Meditation and how it supports the reduction of stress and reprogrammes the brain for long term healing (maybe I can refer to Liv or Claire’s services)
  • Cleansing and probiotics to relieve fatigue, brain fog, infections and more
  • Teas as an easy way to begin reducing common symptoms like anxiety, fatigue and digestion/immunity issues
  • Online and local health food shops, including a 10% discount voucher from The Good Health Shop in Whitton
  • A breakdown of the health coaching services Helen offers

Claire Lisboa is an osteopath with specialist training in mind-body approaches to pain

  • The chronic pain epidemic
  • Why haven’t we found a fix?
  • Getting to the route of persistent pain – what is it really about?
  • Stress and its impact on pain
  • What can we do about it? Strategies for getting in control, pain-free and back to living your life

Liv Maddison is a trained NNEB Nursery Nurse, Holistic massage therapist and Indian head massage therapist. She’s also a KG certified Hypnobirthing teacher, Essential oils for pregnancy & birth teacher and OFSTED registered Childminder, with 23 years experience in childcare.

  • Techniques learned in hypnobirthing and their practical application in any stressful situation
  • Understanding the mind body connection and how the mind can alter the body’s response to different situations
  • Guided relaxation